3 X Chocopolis Belgian Artisanal Chocolate assortment box 32 pcs

The Chocopolis' assortment luxury box contains 32 of the bestselling Chocopolis chocolates. The assortment may change according to the season and may include new flavors which are not mentioned on this list.


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Indulge your senses - receive an EXTRA free box of our best selling chocolates wrapped in a Chocopolis luxury box, at the purchase of 3 boxes of 32 pieces.

Chocopolis assortment box 32 pcs
1X (n° 2328) Almond paste wrapped in dark chocolate
1X (n° 5753) Ganache filled with coconuts, grated coconuts and coconut liquor
1X (n° 5840) Dark ganache with small pieces of peanuts
1X (n° 2422) Praliné with pieces of caramelized hazelnuts
1X (n° 3071) Hazelnut praliné with caramel and pistachio pieces, wrapped in milk chocolate
1X (n° 2626) Dark ganache with 55% cocoa
1X (n° 5785) Dark ganache with coffee and whipped cream
1X (n° 2322) Ganache with Jasmine tea
1X (n° 2669) Dark ganache flavored with mango pulp and passion fruit
1X (n° 2660) Ganache with raspberry pulp and raspberry liquor
1X (n° 2663) Dark ganache with a touch of cinnamon
1X (n° 2316) Ganache filled with a mixture of pineapple and grated coconuts
1X (n° 5776) Dark ganache with orange zest
1X (n° 2373) Dark ganache with small pieces of caramelized hazelnuts
1X (n° 5805) Praliné, hazelnuts, caramel and fleur de sel (sea salt) with a subtle fruity touch, wrapped in dark chocolate
1X (n° 2415) Praliné with caramelized biscuit pieces
1X (n° 5842) Ganache flavored with blackcurrant
1X (n° 5825) Ganache with delicately roasted walnuts
1X (n° 5811) Ganache with slivers of candied orange peel
1X (n° 2426) Praliné filled with gianduja
1X (n° 2428) Praliné with puffed rice
1X (n° 5821) Praliné with hazelnuts
1X (n° 5835) Maple syrup wrapped in dark chocolate
1X (n° 2399) Dark ganache flavored with lemon mousse and lemon zest
1X (n° 2361) Dark ganache with bits of pecan nuts
1X (n° 2385) Dark ganache with coffee and whisky
1X (n° 2453) Milk ganache and caramel
1X (n° 5781) Hazelnut and Almond praliné
1X (n° 2434) Hazelnut praliné with gianduja
1X (n° 5798) Praliné with small pieces of caramelized hazelnuts
1X (n° 2387) Hazelnut praliné with a subtle fruity touch
1X (n° 5855) White ganache


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